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I have followed Tariq Alexander since his modeling days and swear whatever he put his hands on, he conquers. Now I keep up with all his latest endeavors.

~ Brittany Edwards

As an aspiring actor it is great to have a friend in the business. I stay informed with casting calls whether open or closed.

~ Kendall Wilson

Tariq Alexander inspired me to be the best me. He is always giving people the opportunity to be exceptional! I’ve witnessed this helping with Project 87 and as a volunteer on the set of The System Within.

~ Alexa Hamilton

Tariq spoke to my kids on career day at my school and ever since my kids have been more than excited to move forward in their career choices!

~ Tom Walters

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Spreading Success

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Heart.  Vision.  Action. So what’s it all about? There are those of us who truly believe that success is not completely fulfilled until our own personal success leads to the success of others. No matter how great or how small, I am convinced that success in one setting can indeed translate to success elsewhere. In fact, I believe it should. To my way of […]


The Future Is Now : tswmall

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The future is now and tswmall! The new wave of social commerce is here, tswmall is an interactive platform founded by Tariq Alexander, CEO of tswmall.  tswmall is an online 3D virtual world where the American dream gives into technology; bringing entertainment, e-commerce, and gaming all in one place to […]